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Assessing Your Needs


With over 75 years of combined business experience, we help our business clients focus on their core strengths while we fill in their operational gaps such as: 

  • Payroll/Human Resources
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Employee Benefits 
  • Executive Benefits
  • Defined Pension Benefits/401K

We access all available insurance/investment  products so you can get the right one for you.  

In addition to the 'big 5' services above, we offer over 27 audits for business on a contingent basis to 'find the money' that has already been spent, to return it to it's rightful owner!  Audits range in scope from cost segregation, property taxes and workers comp audits, WOTC tax credits, et al.

We also can conduct (for a fee) a business equity evaluation that can share with you - over a 7 step process- a very good approximate Enterprise value of  your business.

Click through or call us today, and we'll analyze your operational & insurance needs and establish a plan that is feasible and practical.

Structure a Plan & Act on it!


Whether you're just launching your practice/business or you're in a mature business cycle, having an unbiased, objective assessment performed as described in step 1, is invaluable.  However, creating a plan and setting it on the shelf is of no value to you as the business owner or your stakeholders.  Taking immediate action with precision and professional decorum to implement the plan takes the right kind of team to support your vision & mission.

Our affiliated partnerships and talent are available locally, regionally and nationally to not only craft the plan but to then implement each phase of the plan roll out. 

Sometimes, we only implement one component of the overall offering as you may want to keep the 'menu of options' open based on either current relationships or contractual obligations. Oftentimes, we can demonstrate operational efficiencies and craft whole sale changes that can propel your business into the next level.  Either way, we are here to help.

Many financial experts will tell you some unforeseen events and a lack of the right kind of planning can spell trouble quickly.  Call us today to implement a plan that is feasible and practical.



Building Relationships, to last...


Although technology is a critical component in improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness, so are the people that 'push the buttons' and 'implement the plan'!  We take great pride in how we communicate to your Executives- Managers and Staff.  We want to be a part of your 'business family' for a long time and we are careful  to integrate ourselves into your culture.

Whether the plan is to offer a group health insurance plan or a 401K investments roll-out and/or to implement the financial literacy educational modules or to change an entire payroll system and related benefit insurance products  such as- health | supplemental | ancillary , our team has been trained to create a positive and synergistic relationship with your team.  Our simple mission is to create value for you and everyone affiliated with your organization.

Our motto is to serve, not be served.

Our service is not limited to the initial roll out.  We are proud that we have retained over 90% of our original clients due to steadfastly conducting annual reviews and continuously monitoring and tweaking of our plans.  


We look forward to building relationships that will last..with you!  Call us today!

Our Team- OneSource Financial and Wealth Advisors

Blake M. Campbell, Sr.


Blake began his career as a hospital executive in Nashville and moved up the corporate ranks fast, as he managed hospitals in southern California.  However, as he states, 'My gypsy days were over when I met a cute 'lil red-head in Fort Lauderdale!"  Then, Blake decided to settle down, change careers and became an entrepreneur.  He has successfully built and operated insurance agencies specializing in health insurance & supplemental insurance for groups and retirement planning.  Blake operates his own Registered Investment Advisory firm offering investments and strategies to his wealth management clients at his firm OneSource Wealth Advisors.  As he and Darlayna settled in, they decided to have a family as pictured above at one of OneSource Financial Group's board meeting retreats visiting the Big Apple! From (L) Cheyenne (18) , Blake, Jr (11) Big Blake (57), Dar (undisclosed!), and Chelsea (15).  

Jay Petricelli


Jay Pestrichelli  is our chief options strategist for OneSource Wealth Advisors and operates Zega Financial.  Jay's strength is making the complex world of derivatives and investments simple to understand.  His proprietary blending of ETFs with options take much of the risk out of the portfolio.  

Joe Maas


Joe is our CIO officer for OneSource Wealth Advisors and is the lead portfolio manager of Synergy Financial.  His expertise in offering strategic investments to meet the client's goal is unparalleled.  Although Joe has many licenses in real estate, business management, health insurance and business planning, his core strength is designing a winning investment portfolio for our clients.



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